Modern Social Software

for Serious Project Collaboration

Improve Communications, Manage Change, Track Risks

Why is OpusView Different?

OpusView is a modern end-to-end collaboration platform that makes working on business projects easier and more efficient. And because it’s delivered as a service, it’s more cost effective too.

One OpusView platform can replace a multitude of existing legacy tools and their difficult to support integrations. OpusView is not a band-aid to fix the shortcomings of legacy project management systems.

Using the best that social frameworks offer, OpusView drives innovation, improvement, and team transformation. OpusView is a single environment for all users across the enterprise and across all types of projects.

For business and project initiatives, OpusView provides advanced approaches to coordinating and organizing group collaboration including the tracking of qualitative risks.

OpusView harnesses organizational assets and directs them into seamless, appropriate activities. Groups, teams, and communities can visualize, socialize, and mobilize around defined goals to share information, track and work on opportunities, and identify and mitigate risks. It’s all in one place and easy to navigate.

OpusView Benefits

  • Reduce the start to finish time of your projects
  • Organize project groups, clarify goals, and instantly share the information
  • Promote faster access to organizational talent
  • Dissolve silos of work and gain instant user buy-in
  • Motivate higher creativity and productivity levels
  • Create a permanent project record which can be recalled anytime
  • Produce, share, and store project documentation in real-time
  • Support work verification, compliance and audits

OpusView Snapshots

Program Analytics

Program level analytics show consolidated views on the performance of each program, costs, risks, and task status

Project Dashboards

Dashboards present real-time key information on all projects. The interactive interface allows you to navigate straight to relevant sections such as cost, risks, and tasks

Interactive Gantt Charts

Automatically generated real-time interactive Gantt charts are available to view assignments, tasks, risks, costs, and statuses. You can monitor the overall timeline of projects and their expected completion dates

Project Risk Register

Collaboratively identify, analyze, and create response plans for qualitative risks that may arise to make sure your project remains on track and meets goals

Visualize Project Risks

The heat map presents project risks, their exposure levels, and statuses. Risk analytics allows you to drill down to project tasks and communicate with the stakeholders

Task Management

Assign task leaders and set priorities and dependencies across your projects. Drill down on tasks that need closer viewing or intervention and communicate in real-time with task stakeholders

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