Tony Welsh


Tony grew up in South East London and holds degrees in physics from Oxford University and in operations research from the London School of Economics. His career began at Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) under the direction of John Lawrence, a leading light in operations research (O.R.) and editor of the British O.R. Society journal. His work focused on sales forecasting, media scheduling, and measuring the affects of advertising.

In the mid-’70s, Tony moved to a small O.R. consultancy where he worked on a variety of scheduling problems, primarily related to public transport. He also helped advise the Committee of London Clearing Banks (representing the big five U.K. banks at the time) on how to minimize the cost of transporting coins around the country.

Since 1980, Tony has been involved exclusively with project management software, for most of that time at the company he co-founded, Welcom, and now at Barbecana. During that time he has been personally responsible for, among other things, the development of no less than four schedule risk analysis systems.

Tony’s outside interests include racing and rallying classic cars and supporting two charities, WaterAid and Camfed. Since 2007, he has split his time between Houston and London.

John Owen

Chief Executive Officer

John has over 30 years of experience with project management software. After managing a computer department dedicated to project scheduling in the Oil and Gas industry for 5 years, John joined Welcom as European Technical Director in 1986, based out of their London, England location. At Welcom, John was responsible for product management of the Open Plan Schedule and Risk Analysis tool before assuming the position of VP Development, based in Houston, in 2003. After the acquisition of Welcom by Deltek in 2006, John ultimately assumed the role of Director of Products and Strategy for Schedule And Risk which included product management for the Deltek Acumen and Open Plan products.

Adrienne Smith

VP Sales and Marketing

Adrienne has over 10 years of marketing experience, with eight of those years working in software.   Adrienne was born in North Carolina, and raised in New Jersey, and has lived in various other metropolitan cities including Paris, France.  She has resided in Houston permanently since 2004.  Adrienne brings a wealth of experience in marketing to Barbecana and specializes in customer service with a focus specifically on customer sustainability and delivery.  She enjoys traveling, art, live music, and running.