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Heuristic Schedule Modeling Using Full Monte How to Set Better Limits Based on Actual Performance.
Angelo J. Arcoleo, PMP
All too often we set general limits to schedule tasks when preparing for a Monte Carlo Analysis. Even when complex teams are working on …More >

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Justified Optimism
Bill Flanagan, MBA, PE, PMI-RMP, PMP
Forty years of experience of managing projects and Project Management Offices has taught me that Project Managers and their teams …More >

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My end milestone does not make sense; how to assess and repair an unhealthy IMS.
Warren Fitch, MBA, PMP
The Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) provides the framework for planning, time-phasing, and coordinating all project efforts into a …More >

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Full Monte and Schedule Inspector in the Government Contracting Industry.
Mark Wells PMP, MCTS
Every project manager wants to build a great schedule. One that is solid structurally and with an excellent chance to be completed on time …More >

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Full Monte’s Complement to Risk Based Planning Plus
Kevin Wysocki, PMP and Aubrey Beck, CAPM
Risk Based Planning Plus™ (RPB+) is a Praxis project planning methodology that uses the Full Monte software to perform Monte Carlo simulations and evaluate …More >

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Books on Probability, Statistics, and Risk Analysis

Probability is just a way to measure our uncertainty, or if you like our ignorance, generally but not necessarily about the future. Any project manager concerned about the future, which is all of them, should also be concerned about uncertainty. Risk analysis tools help, but the project manager also needs to hone his understanding of probability. Below are some suggested books on the subject of probability and risk analysis.

The Drunkard’s Walk
by Leonard Mlodinow
This can only be described as a romp through the history and major concepts of probability theory by a mathematician who also happens to write well.

The Flaw of Averages
by Sam Savage
This book is about the danger of basing decisions on averages — or any single-point estimates — and mentions CPM schedules as an example of the “strong flaw of averages,” i.e. the problem in its most pernicious form.

The next is a complete guide to how and why to do integrated cost and schedule risk analysis and thus the most relevant book in this list, though it was published before Full Monte was released.

The remaining books are concerned with the wider issue of risk management in projects and contain at most only relatively short references to schedule risk analysis or Monte Carlo simulation.

Project Risk Management
Yuri Raydugin
Of the five books listed in this section, this one has the most on Monte Carlo simulation, about 80 pages.

The Project Risk Maturity Model
by Martin Hopkinson


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