At Barbecana, we believe that risk analysis should be as easy, intuitive and as fast as possible which is why we developed Full Monte. Full Monte is risk analysis software that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Project 2007 and above. We believe in Full Monte and so do our customers.

Here is what our users are saying about Full Monte

Full Monte, it is easy to use, easy to set up, has a lot of flexibility, and can do basic to advanced analysis. I really like the new charts and the ease of changing between the different views. I also like that it is a bolt into MS Project and I don’t have to download a file and upload to get it working

PMO Team LeadB/E Aerospace

Thanks for your support and a couple of great products

Senior SchedulerUS Air Force

Your product is awesome! It provides more than enough data to provide Program Management with actionable decision making results as well as improving efficiency in running the Monte Carlo simulations on complex large schedules. Before I would have to run a 1,000 iteration SRA on a dedicated machine for hours at a time crossing my fingers for no errors with other products. Full Monte now allows me to run 10,000 iteration SRA in a little under 5 minutes. I wouldn’t have even thought about that before. Thanks!

Derek ReganCORTAC Group

I’ve actually tested three different Monte Carlo schedule risk analysis products and Full Monte is the only one that has been able to successfully perform the analysis on the Microsoft Project test schedule.

Program SchedulerHarris Corporation

Full Monte is more flexible, runs faster, has great support and costs less than Risk+

Stephen MagerkurthHoneywell

We installed Full Monte in Project 2007 without any issues and ran a test case which worked perfectly and mirrored our own test results. We now feel sufficiently confident to apply Full Monte to one of our live projects. Our initial view is that Full Monte is going to be perfect for our needs.

Kevin LavertyDirector of Projects Royale Oceanic

I believe that Full Monte will be a valuable add-in to MS Project and offer valuable new perspectives for project analysis.

Dr. Gary RichardsonUniversity of Houston College of Technology

The user guide is well written and the user interface is friendly, especially for a non-mathematician.

Jess HillPoole and Associates

Full Monte is a great product! It is easy to use with MS Project and has very nice examples and help. It has many excellent features, but one specific thing I noted is that Full Monte supports the lognormal distribution - this distribution shows up in many phenomena, and I have written VBA functions to use it in simple schedule simulations done in spreadsheets, thus I really appreciate that Full Monte has incorporated it.

Carl E. Betterton, PhD, PE

Your concern is why Barbecana has a great reputation in the Scheduling/EVM world.

Ed Killingsworth, Master SchedulerBCF Solutions, Inc.

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