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Provided you have a current maintenance and support agreement, you can request support on the form below or download software updates by using the appropriate Free Trial forms here: https://www.barbecana.com/full-monte/free-trial-request/

How can we help?

  • The serial number can be found on the About Full Monte dialog.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
  • I purchased a full license but Full Monte is saying it is in Academic mode
    If the software says a project is too large for Academic mode then the purchased License Key and Licensee Name were not correctly entered into the software. Please go to Add-Ins, Full Monte Administration, Register Full Monte to enter the license information. Current license status can be viewed in the About Full Monte dialog.
  • What does sensitivity analysis tell me?
    Sensitivity Analysis shows the correlation between uncertainty on each task/activity and the variability of the selected sensitivity target (either interim milestone or project completion). Full Monte is unique in also showing mean finish dates for the sensitivity target based on both the most optimistic and most pessimistic duration of the individual tasks affecting the outcome. This helps identify opportunities for schedule compression and reducing variability (standard deviation) in the outcome.
  • What is Risk Path Analysis?
    Full Monte’s Risk Path Analysis groups tasks/activities by their likelihood of being on the critical path to the selected sensitivity target. This can identify multiple potential critical paths which can raise awareness and aid planning for multiple eventualities.
  • Does Full Monte support non-English version of Project?
    Full Monte does support foreign language versions of Microsoft Project although the product itself is only available in English. Full Monte also supports regional language settings for dates and currency. In fact, individual views can be configured with their own date formats so a single system can produce reports in multiple formats.
  • Which versions of Microsoft Project and Primavera do you support?

    Full Monte supports Microsoft Project 2007 through 2019 including Office 365 editions (Standard and Professional editions 32 or 64 bit) and Primavera P6 6.2 through 18.8 (including SQLite databases).

    For use with Microsoft Project Server or Project Online, Full Monte must be installed with Microsoft Project Professional. Analysis can then be performed on projects opened from the Project Server or Project Online.  Full Monte recognizes and supports Project Server custom Enterprise Fields for data and sharing results.  Please see the Full Monte for Microsoft Project installation or contact Full Monte support for further information.

  • Is Full Monte licensed to a user or to a computer?

    For Microsoft Project, Full Monte is licensed to the user (as an Add-In to their copy of Microsoft Project). If the software is installed on a server that supports multiple users (for example Citrix or Microsoft Terminal Services) then a license must be purchased for each user who will use Full Monte.

    For Primavera, you can either purchase a machine license (allows connections to multiple databases) or named/concurrent database licenses.

    Please contact us to discuss your licensing requirements.

  • What happens if I get a new computer and want to transfer Full Monte
    Just uninstall it from the old computer then install it on the new computer. For Full Monte 2016 and above just re-enter the license key provided when you first registered the software. For older versions (2.1 and earlier) you will need to send us the MAC address of the wired Ethernet adapter in the new PC for us to generate a new license key for you.
  • Re-entering Microsoft Project after an abnormal end, Project said there was a serious problem with Full Monte and suggested I disable it.
    If this happens often, let us know, preferably also telling us what you were doing at the time. It is best to say no to the “disable” question. If you say yes Full Monte menu items will not appear, but here is how to get them back. In Project 2010 or later, select Files/Options/Add-ins. (It is slightly different in 2007.) At the bottom of the dialog there is a combo box where you should select “disabled items” and press “Go.” You should see Full Monte listed as a disabled item; selected it and press the enable button. Close and restart Microsoft Project.
  • I tried to download Full Monte, but have not received the confirmation email. Why?
    Maybe you entered your email address incorrectly, but please check your spam or junk folder. If it is not in there, please contact support on 281 971 9825 option 2.
  • I uninstalled Full Monte from Microsoft Project 2007 but the menu still appears (but with only the edit option). Why?
    This is a problem only in Project 2007. To remove the remaining menu go into Project, right mouse on a tool bar and pick “Customize.” It will bring up a dialog, but here is the tricky bit: ignore the dialog, go up to the Full Monte menu and drag it down into the spreadsheet area. It will not bother you again!

Full Monte for Microsoft Project.

Full Monte SRA for Microsoft Project: 3.5.21229.1 (released August 17, 2021) Usability and Installation Update
Added a log file warning if imported Most Likely durations do not match Remaining Duration. Added additional diagnostic messages when opening projects.  Added a Schedule Margin Flag so that Schedule Margin Tasks can now be automatically set to a zero probability of occurrence. Reduced the time taken for most risk analysis by about 20% and reduced the likelihood of an out-of-memory condition. Added some additional .Net 4.0 files to the distribution to avoid issues with non-standard Windows 10 .Net 4.0 feature installations.
Full Monte SRA for Microsoft Project: 3.5.21058.1 (released March 1, 2021) Usability and Bug Fix Update
The major change in Full Monte 3.5 is a new installation process to better support corporate deployments along with enhancements to Project Server and Project Online Enterprise Fields. Bug fixes include better support for 4K monitors and resolving an exception that could occur after tasks were promoted to summary tasks.  Click here to view the release notes.
Full Monte SRA for Microsoft Project: 3.4.20321.x (released Nov 16,2020) Bug Fix and Usability update.
Fixed an issue when saving discrete risks assigned to tasks, added a registry option to revert Inactive task handing to treat inactive tasks as active, fixed an issue where saving integer results set to NA in Full Monte would cause an exception with Project Enterprise Fields, improved the warning related to invalid template names found in Text/Activity Code values to include the invalid value.
Full Monte SRA for Microsoft Project: 3.4.20289.x (released Oct 15, 2020) Usability update.
Added improved exception diagnostic information when saving Enterprise custom fields and reading Resource rates (Currencies).
Full Monte SRA for Microsoft Project: 3.4.20275.x (released Oct 1,2020) Bug Fix and Usability update.
Bug Fixes for Tornado split bars, View size saving, European decimal separators. Minor enhancements for Tornado bar headers, Manually scheduled tasks.
Full Monte SRA for Microsoft Project: 3.4.20162.1 (released June 2020) Feature Update.
Click here to view the Full Monte 3.4 for Microsoft Project Release Note
Full Monte SRA for Microsoft Project: 3.3.20098.4 (released April 2020) Bug Fix Release.
Name Change to Full Monte SRA, File Export converts percentages to durations, fixed crash in Filter Dialog.
Full Monte 2017 R2 for Microsoft Project: 3.3.19249.3 (released September 2019) Bug Fix Release.
Autoscale History view X-Axis, fixed a problem where costs had manual profiles and cost escalation, updated code signing certificate.
Full Monte 2017 R2 for Microsoft Project: 3.3.19158.1 (released June 2019) Bug Fix Release.
Bugs fixed in this release include Probabilistic Branching, Foreign Language Support, and Edit Pane Sizing.
Full Monte 2017 R2 for Microsoft Project: 3.3.19123.2 (released May 2019) Feature Update.
Click here to view the Full Monte 3.3 Release Note
Full Monte 2017 R1 for Microsoft Project: 3.2.19036.1 (released February 2019) – Bug Fix Release.
Full Monte 2017 R1 for Microsoft Project: 3.2.18155.1 (released June 2018) – Feature Update.
Click here to view the Full Monte 3.2 Release Note
Full Monte 2017 for Microsoft Project: 3.1.18122.2 (released May 2018) – Bug Fix Release.
Full Monte 2017 for Microsoft Project: 3.1.17097.3 (released April 2017) – Feature Update.
Click here to view the Full Monte 3.1 Release Note
Full Monte 2016 for Microsoft Project: 3.0.16054.2 (released February 2016) – Bug Fix Release.
Full Monte 2016 for Microsoft Project: 3.0.15341.1 (released December 2015) – Major Release.
Full Monte 2.1 for Microsoft Project: 2.1.15317.1 (released November 2015) – Bug Fix Release – End of Life.

Full Monte for Primavera P6

Full Monte SRA for primavera P6: 3.4.20272.3 (released September 2020) Feature Update
Click here to view the Full Monte 3.4 for Primavera P6 Release Note
Full Monte SRA for Primavera P6: 1.4.20097.1 (released April 2020)
Full Monte 2017 R2 for Primavera: 1.4.19249.1 (released September 2019) Bug Fix.
Fixed a problem with interpretting P6 Lags with Out-of-Sequence progress.
Autoscale History view X-Axis, updated code signing certificate.
Full Monte 2017 R2 for P6: 1.4.19158.1 (released June 2019) Bug Fix Release.
Bugs fixed in this release include Probabilistic Branching, and Edit Pane Sizing.
Full Monte 2017 R2 for P6: 1.4.19123.1 (released May 2019) Feature Update. Please see the Release Note.
Full Monte 2017 for P6: 1.3.18068.1 (released March 2018)  – Feature Update. (Supported P6 6.2 – 15.x)
Full Monte 2016 for P6: 1.2.16057.3 (released March 2016) – Feature Update.

Technical Support is FREE for the first 12 months after purchase.

Continued access to support and upgrades after the first 12 months can be purchased annually for:

Full Monte for Microsoft Project: $179 per year.
Full Monte for P6: $179 per year.

If you have any questions regarding download, installation, or using Full Monte, please contact support.


For new license purchases of Full Monte SRA, we offer a free one hour online session to help you get started.

Additional online training can be purchased.

We also offer onsite training at your facility.

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