Schedule Inspector

Is your schedule wishful thinking?

All too often schedules contain poor practices that invalidate any forecasts they produce. Our Schedule Inspector will identify poor practices and help you produce more reliable forecasts.

Barbecana’s Schedule Inspector analyzes project schedules based on industry best practice metrics and quickly highlights any potential issues.

Barbecana’s Schedule Inspector™ is an add-in to Microsoft Project® (2010 and above). It helps improve the quality of schedules by checking for the use of scheduling features and techniques that many think should be used sparingly or not at all.

Schedule Inspector allows you to perform only those tests you think are appropriate to your circumstances, and most tests can be customized. Results are displayed color-coded on screen and can also be printed. Offending tasks can also be automatically highlighted in Project so that the user can fix the problems.

List of Available Tests

Supported tests include all those in the Defense Contract Management Agency’s (DCMA) 14-point schedule assessment guide, plus many others. See list

Download a Trial

Download a fully functioning version of Schedule Inspector for a free 14 day trial period.

Download a Trial

Schedule Inspector Features

Schedule Inspector’s tests reveal problems in three main areas: flaws in your schedule logic; inconsistent progressing; and poor performance against the baseline. Some of these problems can be fixed within Schedule Inspector, either globally or one task at a time. You can also highlight tasks with problems so that you can fix them in Project.