Mark Wells PMP, MCTS

Title: Full Monte and Schedule Inspector in the Government Contracting Industry.

Every project manager wants to build a great schedule.  One that is solid structurally and with an excellent chance to be completed on time and within budget.  Two products from Barbecana software assist in these efforts.  Schedule Inspector (SI) provides thorough schedule analysis and will even help correct some of the issues it finds.  Full Monte performs schedule risk analysis, allowing the manager to inform stakeholders of the potential risk to the schedule and what the chances are of meeting a given possible end date.  Mark will talk about his experiences with both Full Monte and SI in the Government Contracting industry.  SI was used to analyze and provide feedback to vendor submitted schedules resulting in better, more realistic schedules.  Full Monte was used to demonstrate to Executive Management that the planned end date was not realistic at a very early stage in the project and provide dates that were more realistic.

Mark Wells Bio

Mark Wells, PMP, MCTS is a Senior Scheduler for MTS, Inc.  He works as a contractor at Hanscom Air Force Base in Massachusetts.  Mark has used Full Monte several times in the past year to determine schedule risk for different programs at Hanscom.  He is a grandfather twice over and has wide range of interests.  He has worked with MS Project for the better part of 20 years both the desktop and server versions.  He enjoys learning more about Project and the related addins.  Especially tools like Full Monte.

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