Review: Full Monte – A Monte Carlo simulation solution for MS Project
by Preben Ormen

As a practising project manager, I am always interested in finding new tools to help with key task. Project planning and integrating uncertainty of estimates is one such point of interest. One way to do this is through Monte Carlo simulation and over the years a few products have appeared with varying degrees of utility, ease of use.See review

How to model correlations in Monte Carlo simulations with Full Monte
by Preben Ormen

Monte Carlo simulation is a method to explore the effects of variation in duration estimates in project schedules. This variation is modeled by assigning task duration estimates to a distribution and a further estimate of the variation within that distribution. This in itself can be a challenging task, but at least it is something.See review

Full Monte Schedule Risk Analysis for Microsoft Project
by Ten Six Consulting

Full Monte is an Add-in for Microsoft Project (MSP), which means that once installed (a breeze, by the way) it appears as part of the MSP menu system. It works with MSP 2007 and 2010 adding the functionality of Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis using Monte Carlo simulation. It also comes with a comprehensive User Guide and a shorter “Guided Tour” designed to get you started quickly using a demonstration project supplied with the install.See review