Full Monte Download Link

Note: The following download link is for both the Contractor and Full editions of Full Monte SRA for P6. The functionality available is determined by the purchased license key.  During the initial 14 day trial period, if no license is entered, the software is in Full mode and will allow connections to Oracle and SQL Server databases.  After the trial period ends, a purchased license key must be entered to re-activate the software. If a Contractor Edition license key is purchased then the software will no longer connect to Oracle or SQL Server data sources.

Download Full Monte SRA for Primavera P6 here

You can download the Full Monte SRA for Primavera P6 Installation Guide here.

You can download the Full Monte SRA User Guide here.

You can download the Full Monte SRA for Primavera P6 Release Notes here.


When downloading Full Monte from the Barbecana website, choose to save it rather than to run it. Double click on the Setup program and follow the instructions.

Important Note

If you are installing Full Monte for Oracle Primavera P6 on a 64-bit edition of Windows, and you use the standalone Oracle 10g XE (Express Edition) database installed by the P6 installer, there is a known Oracle 10g XE bug (Oracle 3807408) that prevents an application from connecting to Oracle databases when the application is installed in a location that includes parentheses in the path name. On a Windows 64-bit platform, the default install path for Full Monte is C:Program Files (x86)BarbecanaFull Monte 2014P6. If you intend to use Full Monte with the standalone Oracle 10g XE database on a 64-bit edition of Windows, please install Full Monte to another location that does not contain parenthesis in the path name (e.g. C:OracleBarbecana or C:Program FilesBarbecana). Alternatively, Oracle suggest upgrading the Oracle database client software from version to the Oracle 11g client.


When Full Monte SRA for P6 is first launched, you will be presented with the Full Monte Login dialog. Full Monte is initially configured with a sample SQLite database. The login name for the sample database is ‘admin’. No password is required for SQLite databases.

Please follow the guidance in the Help and Full Monte for P6 Installation Guide to create a connection to your own Primavera P6 database. You (or your system administrator) will need the Primavera privuser (SQL Server) or privprm$pm (Oracle) database credentials to create the initial connection. Full Monte will be activated with a 14 day single machine trial license. This will allow multiple Primavera P6 user accounts to trial the software from a single computer for 14 days. The software can be installed on further computers in 14 day trial mode until a license is purchased.

Thank you for using Barbecana’s Full Monte SRA for Oracle Primavera P6.