Solutions for Managing Uncertainty and Risk

Full Monte SRA for P6 Contractor Edition ($149)
Process any size project from P6 standlaone SQLite databases

Full Monte SRA 3.6 for Microsoft Project Release Note

Full Monte SRA 3.6 for Primavera P6 Release Note

How to quickly perform a schedule risk analysis (video)

Trusted by all major western Aerospace & Defense (A&D) Contractors, Space Agencies & Private Space Companies

Barbecana develops software for customers where realistic project forecasts are critical business requirements.

Our Full Monte Schedule Risk Analysis system performs quantitative risk analysis directly within your Microsoft Project or Primavera P6 schedules, avoiding import/export steps that consume time, and making it easy to publish results right in the source schedule.

Full Monte™

Schedule Risk Analysis

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Serious Project Collaboration

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Schedule Inspector™

Investigate Schedule Quality

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