Angelo J. Arcoleo, PMP

Angelo is a PMP with 30+ years of experience in engineering, project management, planning and training. He leads projects and teams to plan and execute critical projects utilizing his experience, quiet-leadership, passion and versatility to work with anyone. He is a professionally trained Civil Engineer and has a BS degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Angelo is a Master Scheduler for Exelis – Geospatial Systems Division (formerly KODAK and ITT); Orange Belt in Microsoft® Office Project; and President of MPUG (Microsoft® Project Users Group).

Mr. Arcoleo earned his B.S. degree in Civil Engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology.

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Bill Flanagan, MBA, PE, PMI-RMP, PMP

Bill Flanagan has been a leader of people and projects for forty years. He began his career with the United States Navy where he served as a Nuclear Submarine Engineering Officer. This was followed by twenty-six years with Progress Energy providing leadership in both line of business management positions and major nuclear plant upgrade and improvement projects. Having served Progress Energy both as a Sponsor who chartered projects and a Project Manager who planned and executed projects has provided Bill with a unique perspective on project management. Bill has held positions of Engineering Manager, Outage Manager, Operations Manager, and Plant General Manager while working for Progress Energy. Bill has also been the Project Manager for Projects such as:

  • Three Mile Island Plant Upgrade Projects
  • Fire Protection and Dedicated Shutdown Projects
  • Electrical Distribution Safety System Functional Inspection
  • Instrument Air System Upgrade
  • Land Vehicle Intrusion Protection
  • Harris Plant Steam Generator Replacement

Since retiring from Progress Energy in 2005, Bill has worked with Black Diamond Services, Inc as a Senior Project Management Consultant gathering lessons learned on project successes and failure around the world. Today Bill is the link in an Alliance between Black Diamond Services and Knowledge Source Inc where Project Managers, Consultants and Instructors help their customers achieve excellence in Project Management. As a Senior Instructor for Knowledge Source Inc he has taught numerous PMP Examination Prep Classes, PMI-RMP Examination Prep Classes and Risk Management Workshops. He is a past Vice-president Education for the North Carolina Chapter of the Project Management Institute. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Master of Science in Management from North Carolina State University. He is a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of North Carolina and holds a Project Management Professional and a Risk Management Professional Certification with the Project Management Institute.

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Warren Fitch, MBA, PMP

Warren started his career working for HP/Agilent in Global Sales Accounting. When the finance department was moved to India, Warren started his own Internet Marketing firm in addition to working part-time for a Public accounting firm to pursue CPA certification. After 5 years, Warren sold the businesses to work for Northrop Grumman as a Program Control Sr. Analyst. Warren worked several jobs of increasing responsibility ending his time as a Business Manager in charge of the program planning team with a $1.9B IMS and 30+ contract changes to integrate each month. He has worked extensively with DCMA on program audits, attended DAU EV courses, wrote several Program Planning documents, taught and trained 100’s of program personnel on Program Management / scheduling / EV techniques. Warren has an undergraduate degree in Finance and Business degree from Brigham Young University and an MBA and a Masters in Accounting from Arizona State University. Warren is a certified 6-sigma Green Belt and he has a Program Management Degree from University of Phoenix and a PMP certification. Warren just started a new job working for B/E Aerospace to set up a new Business Unit’s PMO. He currently lives with his family 20 miles north of Seattle Washington.

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Mark Wells PMP, MCTS

Mark Wells, PMP, MCTS is a Senior Scheduler for MTS, Inc. He works as a contractor at Hanscom Air Force Base in Massachusetts. Mark has used Full Monte several times in the past year to determine schedule risk for different programs at Hanscom. He is a grandfather twice over and has wide range of interests. He has worked with MS Project for the better part of 20 years both the desktop and server versions. He enjoys learning more about Project and the related addins. Especially tools like Full Monte.

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Kevin Wysocki, PMP and Aubrey Beck, CAPM

Kevin Wysocki is a Partner for Praxis Management International, an Indianapolis and Chicago-based consulting firm, which focuses on large-scale project initiatives for the pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech industries.

During his tenure at Praxis, Kevin has successfully delivered significant projects for clients that involved the following: IT system deployments and implementations, business process improvement and organizational integrations that resulted from industry consolidation and outsourcing specific functional operations.

Kevin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Truman State University and a Masters of Business Administration in Management from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management.

Aubrey Beck is a Consultant for Praxis Management International, an Indianapolis and Chicago-based consulting firm, which focuses on large-scale project initiatives for the pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotech industries.

During her time at Praxis, Aubrey has successfully delivered projects for clients that involved process improvement and implementation, IT system improvement, and relocation planning and execution that resulted from company separation, compliance initiatives, and outsourcing of specific functional operations.

Aubrey holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Management, with a concentration in Management Information Systems (MIS), from Purdue University.

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Ian Koenig, PMP

Ian has successfully established and run PMO’s in staff roles in the oil and gas and airline industries. As a consultant, he has implemented risk management in several major corporations and developed training classes. Ian is a regular presenter for PMI and is also a member of AACE, IEEE, and APM.

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Heuristic Schedule Modeling Using Full Monte How to Set Better Limits Based on Actual Performance.

Angelo J. Arcoleo, PMP

All too often we set general limits to schedule tasks when preparing for a Monte Carlo Analysis. Even when complex teams are working on difficult projects a global edit may not be the best option. In this presentation we will discuss how to look at actual complex team performance and apply past performance to future tasks. We will use a 5 by 5 matrix approach. Our demonstration will use information from 5 engineering design teams working on an aerospace or petroleum industry project and applying Minimum and Maximum Limits based on 5 baseline duration groups from actual tasks performed. After determining the limits, you can run Full Monte analysis for all remaining tasks based on these discrete limits to yield better prediction results!

Justified Optimism

Bill Flanagan, MBA, PE, PMI-RMP, PMP

Forty years of experience of managing projects and Project Management Offices has taught me that Project Managers and their teams are an optimistic lot. Who else would keep coming back to work unique endeavors with tight schedules, stringent budgets and limited, part time resources? This optimism often leads to the underestimated schedules, budgets and disappointed customers as described in numerous reports compiled on failed projects such as the Bull Survey, the KPMG Survey and the Chaos Report. This presentation will review the guidance that the Association for Advancement of Cost Engineering (AACE) and the Project Management Institute (PMI) provide on managing uncertainties associated with projects. We’ll demonstrate the use of Barbecana’s Full Monte Risk Analysis software in developing Probability Distribution Functions through range estimating and the use of the Monte Carlo Simulation to estimate the probability of completing your project, or achieving important milestones, on time and on budget. We’ll also explore inclusion of discrete risks identified in the Qualitative Risk Analysis so that we have a complete view of what it takes to meet customer expectations. Armed with Barbecana’s Full Monte Risk Simulation a project manager will move forward with Justified Optimism in meeting customer expectations.

My end milestone does not make sense; how to assess and repair an unhealthy IMS.

Warren Fitch, MBA, PMP

The Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) provides the framework for planning, time-phasing, and coordinating all project efforts into a program master plan. A well-developed IMS will ensure that objectives are accomplished within project or program commitments. With the IMS playing such a critical role in achieving project success, it is crucial for project schedules to provide accurate and meaningful planning data. Schedule integrity is determined by monitoring key indicators within an IMS that reflect both good and poor characteristics of schedule structure and maintenance. The purpose of a health check is to provide the user a very quick assessment of schedule soundness and credibility. This presentation will discuss several factors that lead to a false representation of milestone completion and prevent the schedule from being a valuable management tool.

Full Monte and Schedule Inspector in the Government Contracting Industry.

Mark Wells PMP, MCTS

Every project manager wants to build a great schedule. One that is solid structurally and with an excellent chance to be completed on time and within budget. Two products from Barbecana software assist in these efforts. Schedule Inspector (SI) provides thorough schedule analysis and will even help correct some of the issues it finds. Full Monte performs schedule risk analysis, allowing the manager to inform stakeholders of the potential risk to the schedule and what the chances are of meeting a given possible end date. Mark will talk about his experiences with both Full Monte and SI in the Government Contracting industry. SI was used to analyze and provide feedback to vendor submitted schedules resulting in better, more realistic schedules. Full Monte was used to demonstrate to Executive Management that the planned end date was not realistic at a very early stage in the project and provide dates that were more realistic.

Full Monte’s Complement to Risk Based Planning Plus

Kevin Wysocki, PMP and
Aubrey Beck, CAPM

Risk Based Planning Plus™ (RPB+) is a Praxis project planning methodology that uses the Full Monte software to perform Monte Carlo simulations and evaluate project assumptions. RPB+ methodology combines the power of the Full Monte’s software tool and the modified wideband Delphi estimating (i.e. “ask the experts”) methodology to enable teams to rapidly progress to a project schedule that is agreed upon, believable and actionable by project team members.

RBP+ uses a workshop format to engage team members in developing the project timeline, telling its story and providing duration estimates to deliverables.

How to respond effectively to risks and opportunities

Ian Koenig, PMP

Identifying risks and opportunities and how to structure them in a meaningful way

  • Understanding the difference between a risk and an issue
  • When to use risk tools
  • Risk Log versus Risk Register
  • Practical tips
  • What is out there to help you

The presentation also provides the opportunity for the audience to participate.

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